Event locations

The date is set, everything is organised around the event and the pre-sale of tickets has started. It’s strange that visitors have to search for travel advice from that moment on. Wouldn’t it be easier for them to be sent all travel options immediately? And wouldn’t it be even nicer if they could also book directly? The Mobility Portal is the missing link between selling the ticket and the actual event!

Guide your visitors with personalised travel advice

We integrate the Mobility Portal into your website or app and configure it to your preferences. We then determine which modes of transport are shown. You can choose between a large number of service providers that we co-operate with. Do you have your own agreements with certain transport providers? We can then also include these agreements in the advice for the users.

  • Personalised travel advice
    Your visitors enter their departure address. After selecting the destination and desired arrival time, the travel options are shown. The user can then view and compare these travel options. Based on the selected date and time, additional details such as extra parking places during events are also shown.


  • Book directly
    Eenmaal gekozen voor een bepaalde reisoptie, kan de bezoeker deze vaak direct boeken en betalen.


  • Dynamic travel advice
    With the Mobility Portal, you can set up the route description dynamically. This allows you to send visitors via a specific route based on the departure address. This ensures a uniform distribution of the arrival of visitors.

Met de inzet van de Mobility Portal hebben we al vaak het verschil gemaakt.