Plan, book and pay online

Give your visitors or employees a simple tool to plan their own trip. All possible travel options can be seen at a glance, and most options can be booked and paid for instantly. A parking space, a bus ride, a train ticket or a taxi. All of this on your website or app!

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Travel advice in your own environment

The power of the Mobility Portal is its white-label environment that can be adapted to your website or app. The users remain on your website or app, from which you can give them multimodal travel advice. We integrate the Mobility Portal into your website or app and configure it to your preferences

White label
The power of the Mobility Portal is its white-label environment that can be adapted to your website or app. The user always stays in your environment.

Create database
You obtain ownership of the data of your users. This valuable data can be actively controlled.

Multimodal travel advice
We then determine which modes of transport are shown. Do you have your own agreements with certain transport providers? Then we also include these agreements in the advice.

Direct booking
A travel advice can often also be booked directly. From a parking space to a train journey, book directly, pay and you’re ready to go.
Travel advice from door to door
The Mobility Portal also shows the last mile. Users can see how they have to walk to arrive at the final destination.

Our modalities

Personalised advice for users

Your visitor or employee enters a departure address. This can be their current location, a postcode or a street name/town combination. After selecting the destination and desired arrival time, the travel options are shown. The user can then view and compare these travel options. Based on the selected date and time, additional details such as extra parking places during events are also shown.

Mobility Portal is already successfully deployed

The Mobility Portal has already been successfully deployed at various locations, with more than 30% of the visitors actively using the tool.

Zwarte Cross

“In my opinion, following ‘analogue signs’ is becoming increasingly difficult/uncomfortable for motorists, so at Zwarte Cross we started searching for other means of sending our visitors from A to B. We also made use of the Mobility Portal for this. The Mobility Portal is integrated into the Zwarte Cross site and has helped a large group of visitors with personal travel advice. The future lies in informing our visitors digitally, I’m convinced of that!’

Marion Vos
Traffic & Mobility
De Feestfabriek Alles Komt Goed B.V

We change the travel behaviour of your visitors by showing them the alternatives.