Plan, book and pay online

Give your visitors or employees a simple tool to plan their own trip. All possible travel options can be seen at a glance, and most options can be booked and paid for instantly. A parking space, a bus ride, a train ticket or a taxi. All of this on your website or app!

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Travel advice in your own environment

The power of the Mobility Portal is its white-label environment that can be adapted to your website or app. The users remain on your website or app, from which you can give them multimodal travel advice. We integrate the Mobility Portal into your website or app and configure it to your preferences

We then determine which modes of transport are shown. You can choose between a large number of service providers that we co-operate with. Do you have your own agreements with certain transport providers? Then we’ll also include these agreements in the advice to the users.

Book and pay instantly

Once a specific travel option has been selected, the visitor or employee can often book and pay for it instantly. For example, a parking space can be booked directly via the Mobility Portal. The users also receive directions to help them to drive to the parking location in the smartest way using Google Maps, for example. These directions are set up dynamically and can even be modified via the Mobility Portal at the last moment.


Personalised advice for users

Your visitor or employee enters a departure address. This can be their current location, a postcode or a street name/town combination. After selecting the destination and desired arrival time, the travel options are shown. The user can then view and compare these travel options. Based on the selected date and time, additional details such as extra parking places during events are also shown.


Successfully deployed in Amsterdam

The Mobility Portal has already been used successfully for events in the Amsterdam ArenA, with more than 30% of visitors actively using the tool.

Helping visitors travel smarter

“The Mobility Portal helps us inform visitors about their trip to the Amsterdam ArenA, where we can guide them with personalised travel advice. As a result, we help visitors travel smarter.”

Hidde Salverda
Events Director
Amsterdam ArenA

We change the travel behaviour of your visitors by showing them the alternatives.