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Your site handles a lot of visitors, but how can you ensure that all your visitors can reach you without problems? Preferably, you need to be able to advise your visitors with personalised travel advice. This is often difficult because every visitor prefers different modes of transport. While some visitors choose the car, others take a bus, train or taxi. Every visitor has individual preferences when it comes to travelling, which also makes things more complex ….or does it? The Mobility Portal is the link between all these modes of transport and personalised travel advice.


Increase your service level with customised travel advice

With the Mobility Portal, you can start serving your visitors even before their visit. By entering the departure address, visitors can see the various options in an overview. They can easily compare options and in many cases also book directly. Think of a car park ticket, a train ticket or a bus ride.

  • Send in the travel advice
    You know your surroundings like no other. That’s why the Mobility Portal offers you the possibility to enter advisory routes. In this way, you can distribute the traffic and arrivals optimally via the different access routes.
  • Door-to-door travel advice
    Many different options are available for booking your journey, but there are few planners that show the complete journey from door to door. This is precisely the power of the Mobility Portal!
  • More insight into the visitor’s journey
    We make the data available, which gives you (more) insight into the journey of each individual visitor. Using the data, you can obtain valuable insights and actively guide your visitors to achieve better accessibility.

With the deployment of the Mobility Portal, we have often made the difference.

Zwarte Cross

“In my opinion, following ‘analogue signs’ is becoming increasingly difficult/uncomfortable for motorists, so at Zwarte Cross we started searching for other means of sending our visitors from A to B. We also made use of the Mobility Portal for this. The Mobility Portal is integrated into the Zwarte Cross site and has helped a large group of visitors with personal travel advice. The future lies in informing our visitors digitally, I’m convinced of that!’

Marion Vos
Traffic & Mobility
De Feestfabriek Alles Komt Goed B.V

Wondering how you can provide your visitors with appropriate travel advice?

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