Road works

The electronic signs are switched on, the traffic cones are on the road and now we have to hope that the delays won’t be too long for all travellers. In public tenders, there’s an important paragraph: what measures are taken to limit delays. Do you work with diversions or do you offer alternative travel options? If this is clear, travellers must be well informed. This may seem difficult, but when you use the Mobility Portal, it’s easy to organise.


Guide the behaviour of your travellers

By deploying the Mobility Portal, you can give travellers alternative travel options quickly and easily. We place this white-label solution on your website, in your app and on social media channels – wherever travellers find themselves. The travellers enter their final destination and the Mobility Portal does the rest.

  • Promote other forms of transport
    With the Mobility Portal, you can easily bring other modes of transport to your visitors’ attention. Travellers can compare the different travel options.
  • Alternative routes / times
    The Mobility Portal offers the possibility to recommend alternative routes to travellers. This allows you to prevent all traffic from using the same detour route, thus limiting delays.
  • Connect with your target group
    Travellers are provided with a (personalised) message via the Mobility Portal, so that you can advise them proactively. This keeps travellers up to date on current developments.

With the deployment of the Mobility Portal, we have often made the difference.

Zwarte Cross

“In my opinion, following ‘analogue signs’ is becoming increasingly difficult/uncomfortable for motorists, so at Zwarte Cross we started searching for other means of sending our visitors from A to B. We also made use of the Mobility Portal for this. The Mobility Portal is integrated into the Zwarte Cross site and has helped a large group of visitors with personal travel advice. The future lies in informing our visitors digitally, I’m convinced of that!’

Marion Vos
Traffic & Mobility
De Feestfabriek Alles Komt Goed B.V

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